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Marketing Secrets From The Bible – Ben Settle Interviews Matt Gillogly

This interview is with Ben Settle and Matt Gillogly.

It’s about 38 minutes long, and is all about Biblical examples of marketing, sales and persuasion — both from the Old and New Testaments.

Some of the tips inside include:

  • A secret way to “beef up” your natural, God-given abilities and gifts.
  • How online marketers can almost instantly start selling more products and services. (This secret was used all the time by copywriting “legend” Eugene Schwartz — who was a high level Biblical scholar — in his marketing, and makes selling as easy as falling off a log.)
  • How to use popular persuasion “tactics” ethically and in a way that makes people glad and happy to do business with you.
  • Why King Solomon (who was granted divine wisdom by God) probably would have been a HUGE fan of sending daily emails.
  • A “can’t miss” way to win the trust of cold (and even hostile!) prospects.
  • The strange (but true) reason why most selling today is nothing more than the marketing equivalent of pornography.
  • The “for real” law of attraction secret you’ll never see in books and movies like “The Secret” or “Think And Grow Rich.” (This has nothing to do with the so-called “prosperity gospel” or anything else seen on TV or in big mega churches, either.)
  • The Apostle Paul’s simple 3-step copywriting system that’s since been used (consciously or unconsciously) by some of the most successful salesmen in history.
  • And lots, lots more.

You can tune in now by MP3 download or streaming audio by clicking the link below:

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We hope you enjoy this.

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What You Should Learn From Bad Businesses

As I was born and raised in Chicago, in an Irish Catholic family, there were a few things that were staples. First off, in Chicago, you learn how to vote early and often. Second, being Irish – Catholic you were given a Union card and three free visits to the local AA chapter. (A number of my family members are card caring members of both.)

The other requirement is you must make a declaration at an early age if you are a Cubs or White Sox fan. I am a White Sox fan. My reason why will be discussed in a later post.

One of my joys of living in Charlotte is we have the AAA baseball team of the Chicago White Sox known as the Charlotte Knights. To top it off, the stadium for the Knights is about 15 minutes from my house.

Knights stadium is nothing to write home about. It’s near an interstate, in a business office park and frankly, there’s nothing enchanting about the stadium. It looks like something built in the Soviet Union by the Stalin government. All concrete, no character.

But that is NOT why I’m writing this article. It’s about something completely different.

Let me explain….

This past Saturday, the Charlotte Knights had a pre-season festival if you will. Bring the kids, check out the park, get a free hot dog, take batting practice on the field, tour the facility and listen to people try out for the national anthem. (That was ugly.)

As a loyal White Sox fan, I showed up with my wife and two boys, wearing my White Sox hat and White Sox t-shirt from the 2005 World Series win by the Sox.

What I’m about to share with you is a comedy of horrid customer service and even worse salesmanship that I beg of you to never repeat in your business.

Error #1 – Don’t Assume Your Prospect Knows Anything About You Or What You Do

We walked into the stadium. There was no one greeting us outside, no signs of where to go and when we did walk in, there was a small table with a hand written sign and some brochures on the table. We walked up and waited. No one there. After 25 seconds, a smiling young man showed up.

He pointed out that to our right was a kids play area, hot dogs to our right and feel free to walk around. He never once handed us or asked us if we’d like some ticket information. He never asked us for our names, address or anything.

To top it off, he had a golden opportunity to see I was wearing White Sox stuff. You’d think he’d figure out that the Knights are the White Sox affiliate. Start some conversation.

Oh and here’s the kicker…. The White Sox are coming to Charlotte on April 1, 2010 to play the Knights. He never asked me if I wanted to buy tickets.

Error #2: When Giving Out Free Food, Don’t Run Out Of Food.

After walking around the stadium a bit, we went down to a long line to get our free hot dogs. We waited about 20 minutes. They had two people cooking, two people serving.

When we got to the front, they had run out of chips.

Error #3: Don’t Assume That Just Cause You’re Standing There People Will Know Why You’re There

Next to the hot dog stand was an elderly gentleman standing at a table. People walked by and he said nothing. I watched him for a good 20 minutes while in line for the dog. He never once said hello to anyone of the customers who walked by him.

He was wearing Knights stuff, so he must have been on staff.

After my lunch, I walked up to him and said hello and asked him what was going on. I think I got a grunt.

I noticed there were some blue prints on the table and asked him what they were for. His response? “We are going to build a three level picnic area right over here to your right.”

I had to ask him to see the plans and he sort of thumbed through them for me.

I asked when it would be ready and his response… “Sometime this summer.”

“Well, it looks great.” I replied

“Yeah, it’s gonna be fun.”

You ever talk with someone who doesn’t want to be there? That was this guy. They would have been better off having a cardboard cut out.

Error #4: We Left Without Tickets, A Hat, A Commitment Or Giving Our Name

We spent all of about one hour at the park. Never once at any location did anyone ask us to buy a hat, a ticket or sign up for anything. We walked out empty handed.

What I Would Have Done Differently

Before I tell you what I would have done, I understand the economy and advertising is tough. Furthermore, the Knights are last in attendance and have a horrid stadium. That being said, here are my suggestions and you should learn from these in your own business.

A Name Is Worth A Million Dollars

Before we walked in, there should have been a few tables with some nice smiling faces checking us in and asking for our address, phone and email address.  That way they could follow up with us.

Celebrate My Birthday

While checking in, they could have asked if I’d like to join up for the Knights birthday club. Give them my birthday and on my birthday (or that of my family members) the birthday person gets a free ticket to the game and gets to sit in the birthday club with their friends. (The friends pay for the tickets.)

Ask Me To Buy Some Tickets

They could have asked me to buy tickets for the Sox game, a package of seats for the season, a partial pass, you name it, no one asked me to buy anything.

Trumpet Your Improvements

Hey, the stadium is a dump. Everyone knows it, but why not trumpet the little improvements. Like the new patio.  People will be a part of something even if they see little improvements.

In the end, I’ll still go to Knights games, cause I love my White Sox. Not because someone on the staff asked me to attend.

Here is my question. What are you doing in your business that is leaving sales on the ground? How are your customers perceiving you as they walk into your facility? Give your operations a good hard look and make sure if you are virtual or physical in location, that your customers are having a great time.

What System Do You Use To Convert Leads Into Customers?

First off, we have to say, we’ve been blown away at the number of requests to talk with us about your marketing. One of the reasons why there is such a gap between posts is the number of people who’ve taken us up on our offer of a free 30 minute consult.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to business. Today’s post…

No System To Convert Leads Into Customers = No Revenue

This should come as no surprise to you. Having a fool proof system to convert your leads into customers is critical to your long term success.

In talking with business owners for the past couple of weeks, it seems that everyone is seeing a slip in their business. Let’s face it, all of us had it pretty easy in business for some time. Only to see the rug ripped out from under us in the past 18 months.

Most businesses have no simple and fool proof way to follow up with a lead. What they have is a mumble jumble mess of half systems that might work if someone is paying attention.

Let me give you an example.

Recently we had a client in our office that does 7 figures a year in coaching. They sell a very high end coaching program to a very selective niche. What is amazing, is they have no system to follow up with a lead once it’s in the system. The sales have just sort of happened.

Granted they are  bit more sophisticated than most businesses.You have to be in order to get up to 7  figures a year. We made a few suggestions to improve their system.

I’ll share those in just a moment, but first let me tell why this system is built the way it’s built.

In today’s economy, your customers are looking for something very easy for you to create. They want a relationship with a provider they can trust. Which leads me to some very key insights we’ve discovered when it comes to converting more leads into more sales.

1. Don’t sell right off the bat. That’s like asking someone to marry you over the first cup of coffee. Sure it happens, but it happens less than you think.

2. Communicate in a mediums other than email. It is unstable and isn’t always delivered and read by the prospect.  Some of your prospects don’t like reading email and wish you’d do something else…

3. Picking up the phone is a lost art. We have personally and for a number of our clients made huge positive financial impacts by hiring virtual customer service reps to call and follow up with a prospect and see how we may serve them and their needs. (More on this later)

4. Don’t think your prospect is just like you. Too many times we have a customer in our office and they’ll say: “I love email, it’s my favorite way to communicate. I don’t like it when someone calls me.” Yes, that may be true, but for everyone of you, there is someone like me who prefers to get on the phone and get it handled.

When you bypass using the phone, you bypass over 33% of your prospects base prefer way of communication.

The bottom line is this, if you are not happy with the number of conversions of leads to customers, take a look at your systems. Maybe you need to add a phone calling program, monthly newsletter or you’re asking for the sale too soon. Fine tune your systems and you’ll see a dramatic increase in sales.

Okay, next we’ll hit our next topic which is all about your Pay Per Click online campaigns.


Bob and Matt