Love Is More Powerful Than Fear In Your Marketing

Have you ever seen fear based marketing?

This is easy to spot, because it uses things like; scarcity, fear of loss, missing out, fake deadlines and language that makes you think that if you don’t make this decision today, you are damned to burn in hell.

I won’t mention names of marketers who use this approach, but you’ve seen this method.

Then there is the direct opposite. This approach uses things such as; education, serving the customers needs, sharing information freely without expectation of sale.

Famous copywriters like: Gary Bencivenga, Ted Nicholas use this method. Marketers like Gary and Ted have been around for 30, to 50 years and have sold hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services.

I call it ‘love based marketing’.

Of the two groups, my marketing is more like that of Gary and Ted. There is a reason, which I will explain and it’s based on experience.

For years I was a hired gun, front of the room pitch man for a number of famous speakers. Traveling around the country, city after city, selling from the front of the room.

Usually you had 90 minutes, not a second more, to sell your stuff. You were graded based on your success rate of selling.

In those environments, I sold about $250 per person in the room.

However, when I did a half day or full day selling, I usually doubled or even tripled my dollars per head in the room. Because I was given more time to bond with the prospect. They could see I was real. Having their best interests in mind.

Furthermore, my return rate from full days was drastically lower than the 90 minute presentations.

At first, as a marketer, I fell into the trap of being a hype oriented type sales person. It didn’t matter if it was online or offline. My goal was to get you to buy and buy fast. I hammered my list with offer after offer, after offer. Using hype language. “Last Chance” offers.

In retrospect, this was a ‘scorched earth’ marketing process. In this method, you burn through your leads as quickly as possible. Throwing caution to the wind.

Then I started taking my time. I built a relationship with my list first. In many cases, you can’t buy anything from me until day 14 or 30. Just like Gary and Ted.

Guess what happened.

My sales steadily increased and my list has longer life.

I can sum up my process as simple as:

“Love is more powerful than fear in marketing.”

Love is the most powerful thing on earth. People long to be loved. They will move mountains to experience love.

When you, as a marketer, come at your clients with nothing but respect and love, when you truly care about them as business owners, you’ll see amazing changes in your business. Positive changes.

If you use FEAR in your selling, your customers won’t stick around for very long. They’ll see through the ruse. They realize the FEAR is being used to manipulate their response.

Granted, taking an approach of love, education and sharing, takes more time to experience sales results. In the end, it creates a better environment for you and your business. And your customers.

In end you get greater satisfaction and a more enjoyable business.

Have a great day,

Matthew Gillogly

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3 thoughts on “Love Is More Powerful Than Fear In Your Marketing”

  1. Matt, thank you for that clear word and the stance you are taking in your own marketing. For some time now, I have been offering a product to my leads right after optin, with poor results. I am going to move it further down the funnel now. It just feels right to go and build some relationship with your leads first.


  2. Good post, Matt.

    I’ve been convicted of this as well as of late, because now I see the manipulation used in a lot of marketing is really just a subtle form of witchcraft… I sure don’t want to be guilty of that!


    1. Mark, I don’t know if I’d call it witchcraft. Manipulation is manipulation. The same things that we would use to get people to buy doing events nationwide are the same things you see front of the room pastors use to lead people to Christ. You can even look at old video footage of Billy Graham and he used many of the same tactics to bring people to the front of the room to accept Christ.

      At the end of the day, it’s about your heart and your intent. All things come from God. Money, sex, music, business, food, etc. It’s how we use them and our intent when use them that matters.

      Our heart condition will come out in that process.

      In the end, I’ve realized my heart is good and noble (thanks to Jim Robbins).

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